Drawings, Paintings, Digital Art, Crafts

Drawings, Paintings, Digital Art, Crafts

Postby pandacobain » Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:30 pm

Alright... Since no one else has posted anything I'll go ahead and post a few things I've done... Well, tried to do. Haha. I'm not the most talented person out there.

Bow Ties Are cool
Random Who-ness
Police Box Painting (unfinished)
Panda Cobain Dreaming of the TARDIS
Doctor Who Related Charms (you know which ones)
Bowties Are Cool Pin
TARDIS Necklace
11th Doctor Necklace Pendant/Charm
I also made a little TARDIS that has the lantern on top glow in the dark and the windows glow in the dark as well. :D

Now, I'd love to see what some others have done or ideas of what you plan to do/make!
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