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Postby pandacobain » Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:16 pm

As Whovians, we know there are many many MANY different types of aliens in the Whoniverse. My question to you is what types of aliens are you hoping to swe in the future. They bring back aliens time and time again but I'm wondering what sort of aliens we might see one day. More vampire-esque aliens? More werewolves? I'm sure some of you have thought about this before. So, what do you hope to see? Aliens that look like, well, aliens? Or aliens that look more like humans? Aliena from mars? Or aliens from some unknown planet?
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Re: Aliens

Postby Kjasi » Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:45 am

Let's see, Werewolves, Vampires... I guess it's time to do living-dead aliens next, like Mummy and Frankenstein aliens.

Honestly, I think it would be interesting for the Doctor to end up in the middle of a huge, galactic war between humans and another race, and I'm not talking about the main races we've met before, like Daleks and Cybermen. I mean a new race that's threatening the Human Empire across the galaxies.
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Re: Aliens

Postby gothmetacrisis » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:47 am

Human VS Human seems likely....unfortunately

Like Cassandra the Last Human there may be more who crave purity/are racist even against their own just like it is today. They talk about a lot of different kinds of humans & the Flesh. Zealots on both sides would make that a bloodbath for sure...

I think the biggest threat may be ourselves as far as Galactic wars go

New species - can we go the the bottoms of oceans? Maybe that is too Cocoon....

Thylacines/Tasmanian Tigers? Other extinct species we accept as indiginous but surprise!!! They are not extinct or Native! lol Maybe a group of Babirusa that are early Judoon! LOL!!! My crazy head...

OOOHHH!!!! Bonobos!!! LOL just for Jack! lol (The pygmy chimps have a society based of sex - including same sex relations! regular chimps are more heavily muscled & fight for dominance & eat orange colobus monkeys.)

& more Trees!!! She was cool & would have made a great companion!

How about a species that can only communicate through touch on the same planet with some that found physical contact putrid..

Ice/water has been done in a few ways...what about lving heat? Kinda like how the solar energy was alive?

I could go on all day really...if you gave me the planet specs I could design whole ecosystems & much more...tell me the distance from a sun/star, surface type(s), air quality, etc & I will give you a world! lol

On Torchwood there was a creature that was being slaughtered while alive. it just kept growing & they kept harvesting meat (F&*%#g humans) & we would like to know what it was & if there are more.
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